Our company has been on the market for 70 years, we cast aluminum and zamak with the techniques of shell casting and die casting. Our customers have allowed us to get to know different sectors that we have served and expanded over time.

Among our most important customers are: Rael Electric Motors srl, Aignep Spa, Settima Meccanica Srl, Bonesi Pneumatik srl, Arluce spa, Sagitta spa, Cima spa, etc.



We produce aluminum die castings and gravity shell castings with and without cores and with different types of alloys according to customer’s requirements. Castings can range from small pieces of a few grams to 30 kg pieces.


Electric engines

Other sectors

Our company is able to produce aluminium castings of different sizes from a few grams to a piece of about 30 kg.

End fields of application

• Automotive
• Industrial Automation
• Shipbuilding
• Agricultural machines
• Cylinder heads
• Components for dental equipment
• Casings for electric motors
• Hydraulic pumps
• Pistons in general for the world of mechanics
• Details for cycles and motorcycles
• Components for coffee machines